Wednesday, October 3, 2007

— Unlike Tinseltown troublemaker Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan seems to be striving toward a successful graduation from rehabilitation.

The "Bobby" beauty celebrates 60 days in her Utah lockdown on Wednesday, and according to insiders she has no immediate intentions of leaving the lodge.

But while everything is looking lush in Lindsay’s personal life, it seems she may have to "Li-Lo" for a while or search for a new skill if she wants to further boost her bountiful bank balance.

"It will most likely take years of perfect behavior before Lindsay will work again," a very high-profile Paramount producer told Pop Tarts. "It will literally cost a network millions to insure her for a movie and as talented as she is, it is highly unlikely that studios will be quick to get (her) back on the set."

So even if Lohan really is reformed, it appears time is her only ticket back into the business.

But according to a friend of the "Freaky Friday" femme fatale, Lohan hates Hollywood and intends to boost her brain instead.

"Despite what so many people think, Lindsay is an incredibly smart girl and always wanted to have that college experience," our source said. "She’s looked into a few institutions on the east coast and will most likely major in something like psychology. At this stage, NYU is a hot favorite."

Pop Tarts also has learned that her father, Michael Lohan, arrived at the Cirque Lodge facility on Monday night to spend five days with his daughter, and apparently the two are preparing applications for Linds to start studying in the spring.

Calls to Li-Lo’s rep were not immediately returned.

Spears' Supplier: Is Someone Giving Britney Drugs?

While no official confirmation has been made, it is largely speculated that the Britney Spears saga has been sparked by a drug habit. In fact, one of the reasons she lost her kids is she failed to show up for a court-mandated drug and alcohol test.

While no pap snaps have captured the depressed diva doing any dirty deeds, inside sources have told Pop Tarts that Brit’s expressionless face and bizarre behavior is due to a "Crazy" cocaine addiction.

"What people don’t realize is that an addiction is an addiction — you lose touch with reality; it’s like being on the outside of yourself looking in," a recovering coke addict (who wished to remain anonymous) admitted. "You aren’t always aware of what you are doing, and unfortunately in Britney’s case she has two children and there's so much more at stake when you’re a parent."

But the question remains: Who, if anyone, is secretly supplying Spears with her stimulants?

Inside speculation suggests it may come via her protection posse or driver. So the pop princess may not be terribly talented at keeping her kids, but if Brit really does have a drug dilemma, she is certainly savvy at keeping her supplier out of the spotlight.

And while a number of media outlets are saying that Spears successfully sat for her California driver's license on Monday, Tony Potts (host of MyNetworkTV’s new Monday night series "Celebrity Expose") has told Pop Tarts that Spears was requested to return to the DMV on Tuesday as she failed to fill out the application correctly.

"This once again could serve as an example of Spears and her addiction, a short attention span and difficulty retaining information," our source said.

So amid this Spears saga, is her "real" family still trying to reach out?

"Both Britney’s brother and sister Jamie tried to stage an intervention on Monday after news broke loose that she lost the kids," Potts said. "But typically, Britney pushed them both away. And what’s so sad is that she has now lost the only two people in the world who can love her unconditionally just for who she is — her sons."

Cate's Claim: 'Sex and the City' Concept Is Nothing New

Approaching middle age and still being single is something we associate with Carrie Bradshaw and her fashionable friends on "Sex and the City." But according to Cate Blanchett, this prospect was prominent in the 1500s.

The "Babel" beauty brings back "Elizabeth" in Shekhar Kapur’s sequel "Elizabeth: The Golden Age," and it seems the character is just as frightened of falling for someone as Samantha Jones is.

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