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Verne Troyer Sex Tape Release Ban Expires Monday

LOS ANGELES — Attorneys for Verne Troyer are seeking additional protection against the release of a sex tape while they negotiate with a porn broker and distributor, court documents show.

U.S. District Judge Philip S. Gutierrez had scheduled a hearing for Monday to listen to arguments about the tape that Troyer made with an ex-girlfriend. The judge has temporarily blocked its release, but his order expires on Monday.

Troyer's attorneys want a one-week delay to continue their negotiations with SugarDVD and porn broker Kevin Blatt, documents filed Thursday show. They also want Gutierrez to extend his temporary restraining order barring SugarDVD from taking orders or selling the tape.

The actor sued porn distributor SugarDVD, Blatt and celebrity gossip Web site TMZ for $20 million last month and sought to have release of the tape barred.

Photo Essays: Click here to see photos of Troyer

Troyer is best-known for his role as Mini Me in two of the "Austin Powers" movies.

The filings do not indicate what kind of negotiations are occurring. A lawyer for Troyer did not return a phone message Friday morning and court records do not list attorneys for SugarDVD or Blatt.

Troyer had claimed the sex tape was stolen from his home, but TMZ presented a statement from his ex-girlfriend, Ranae Shrider, saying she took the tape and authorized parts of its release to TMZ.

TMZ aired parts of the tape on its Web site and TV show, prompting Troyer's lawsuit. A statement on SugarDVD's site claimed it was trying to broker a deal for the tape, but that statement has since been removed.

Anna Kournikova 'Not Married, Not Pregnant, No Boob Job'

For the record, Anna Kournikova is "not married, not pregnant, didn't have a boob job, no Botox," since leaving professional tennis, she tells Sports Illustrated in an exclusive interview.

Now 27, Kournikova says she enjoys a life out of the limelight — except when she goes out with longtime boyfriend Enrique Iglesias.

"Girls look at him. Guys look at me," she told Sports Illustrated. "It goes with the job, but it gets annoying when you feel violated. Just take the picture and be done."

As for the pressure to look perfect, Kournikova, who has become a spokeswoman for the Boys & Girls Club of America, wonders "Why are people afraid of getting older? You feel wiser. You feel more mature. You feel like you know yourself better.

"You would trade that for softer skin? Not me!"

The Russian import is famous for her off-court persona, reportedly telling a potential date that "you can't afford me."

Cynthia Rodriguez Flew in 9th Month of Pregnancy for A-Rod

Cynthia Flew in 9th Month for A-Rod | Oprah’s 'Cousin'; A New 'Discovery'?; Music — Lots of It

Cynthia Flew in 9th Month for A-Rod

Forget all this talk of Alex Rodriguez’s wife, Cynthia, now known as C-Rod, not being there for her man.

A heavily pregnant Cynthia flew to New York to be at Yankee Stadium on opening day in the Bronx back on April 1. I know because I sat just a few seats away from her.

Everyone around us commented on C-Rod’s pregnancy, and the fact that she was standing by her man despite everything he’d done to her in the previous season.

Twenty days later she gave birth to their second child, a daughter, in Miami on April 21, 2008.

This means that C-Rod flew in her ninth month from New York to Miami, which doctors generally discourage. She braved rain on the Yankees’ failed home opener on March 31, and then returned the next day to give Alex a proper send-off.

Or was she simply marking her territory? From all the timelines we’ve put together, third baseman Rodriguez had already attended Madonna's big fundraiser for the Kabbalah Center’s incursion into Malawi on Feb. 6.

And Rodriguez, as I revealed on Monday, had already sublet a luxury condo in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on Columbus Circle sometime during the winter — even though he and C-Rod have a swanky pad on Fifth Avenue.

Let no anonymous supporters of A-Rod depict his wife as an absentee lover who didn’t hang in there for her husband. Coming to that New York home opener was significant in her condition. That may have also been the last time she saw her husband before she gave birth.

And one asks: How is it that A-Rod missed the birth by 10 minutes? He certainly must have known at least a day in advance that the baby was on its way. Perhaps he was just preoccupied.

Oprah’s 'Cousin'; A New 'Discovery'?; Music — Lots of It

In promos for Friday’s show (a repeat, I think), Oprah Winfrey calls Lisa Marie Presley "my cousin." Whatever in the world would possess the otherwise sensible Winfrey to dub Elvis Presley’s daughter in this way? More importantly, how does she not see that these wild infatuations with celebrity Scientologists such as Presley, Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Kirstie Alley — all wildly out of proportion to her interests in other celebrities — mitigates her important endorsement and enthusiasm for things like charitable giving, her South African school and Barack Obama? ...

Rose McGowan may be parted from director Robert Rodriguez (no relation to the baseball family but we might start calling him R-Rod). This doesn’t mean she has no new admirers. Leaving Brett Ratner’s Foxtail club the other night, Rose is said to have crossed paths with Discovery Channel’s Josh Bernstein, coming out of restaurant Dan Tana’s (the two establishments are next-door neighbors on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood). Josh used the old "I’m waiting for my car, too" line while flirting with the beauteous Rose while valets took their time. …

Pregnant Minnie Driver, a hit on TV’s "The Riches," is forging ahead with a film "comeback" as well. Her indie film "Take," which was a hit at the Tribeca Film Festival, opens July 25 with great advance buzz. …

CNBC talk show guy and famed ad man Donny Deutsch managed to get himself surrounded by women less than half his age at the Waverly Inn last night, all in short skirts and high heels. It’s good to be king! ...

Hot Israeli actress Meital Dohan — known to fans of Showtime’s "Weeds" — makes her off-Broadway debut in "Stitching" by controversial British playwright Anthony Neilson and directed by Timothy Haskell. It’s at The Wild Project, 195 East Third St., here in Manhattan. …

Haven’t the Hamptons been invaded by all the big designers? Now comes Albright Fashion Library, famous for dressing actresses Kristen Davis, Sandra Bullock, Gabrielle Union and Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie. Maybe Albright will pick out the frock for the latter when she and her group perform at the Democratic National Convention in Denver. They’ve just been selected to be on the bill. …

Thanks to Bud Scoppa at, I know about a couple of CDs that otherwise would have remained unheard. One is by producer Robin Danar (, who has worked for years doing sound on the road for the amazing Julia Fordham.

On his Web site you can hear a bunch of exciting new tracks, including a wonderful cover of Michael Jackson’s "Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough" featuring Julian Coryell, as well as Paul Buchanan on a cool, cool version of The Pretenders’ "Message of Love" that I can’t stop listening to. Thanks to Bud, I also know about an Aug. 26 release coming from the great Matthew Sweet called "Sunshine Lies" on Shout! Factory Records ( ...

Another great release: Garnett Mimms, R&B legend, now 75 years young, has a new album on the Evidence label. "Is Anybody Out There?" hits Amazon and stores on July 30. I haven’t been able to stop listening to these tracks produced and written by Nashville’s Jon Tiven. Mimms is a kind of Lost Boy of soul who still has a raspy muscular voice. His greatest hits are spectacular, including the original version of what became Janis Joplin’s "Cry, Cry Baby." Don’t miss his version of "For Your Precious Love," either. …

George Michael on his tour is doing a tribute to The Police’s final live shows with his version of "Roxanne." Michael comes to Madison Square Garden in a few days. The Police play their

Tony Snow, Former White House Press Secretary and FOX News Anchor, Dies at 53

Tony Snow, the former White House press secretary and conservative pundit who bedeviled the press corps and charmed millions as a FOX News television and radio host, died Saturday after a long bout with cancer. He was 53.

A syndicated columnist, editor, TV anchor, radio show host and musician, Snow worked in nearly every medium in a career that spanned more than 30 years.

Click here for photos.

"Laura and I are deeply saddened by the death of our dear friend Tony Snow," President Bush said in a written statement. "The Snow family has lost a beloved husband and father. And America has lost a devoted public servant and a man of character."

Snow died at 2 a.m. Saturday at Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, D.C.

Snow joined FOX in 1996 as the original anchor of "FOX News Sunday" and hosted "Weekend Live" and a radio program, "The Tony Snow Show," before departing in 2006.

"It's a tremendous loss for us who knew him, but it's also a loss for the country," Roger Ailes, chairman of FOX News, said Saturday morning about Snow, calling him a "renaissance man."

As a TV pundit and commentator for FOX News, Snow often was critical of Bush before he became the president's third press secretary, following Ari Fleischer and Scott McClellan. He was an instant study in the job, mastering the position — and the White House press corps — with apparent ease.

"One of the reasons I took this job is not only to work with the president, but, believe it or not, to work with all of you," Snow told reporters when he stepped into the post in 2006. "These are times that are going to be very challenging."

During a tenure marked by friendly jousting with journalists, Snow often danced around the press corps, occasionally correcting their grammar and speech even as he responded to their questions.

"Tony did his job with more flair than almost any press secretary before him," said William McGurn, Bush's former chief speechwriter. "He loved the give-and-take. But that was possible only because Tony was a man of substance who had real beliefs and principles that he was more than able to defend."

As he announced Snow as his new press secretary in May 2006, Bush praised him as "a man of courage [and] a man of integrity." Snow presided over some of the toughest fights of Bush's presidency, defending the administration during the Iraq war and the CIA leak investigation.

"I felt comfortable enough to interrupt him when he was BSing, and he kind of knew it, and he'd shut up and move on," Snow said.

His tenure at the White House lasted 17 months and was interrupted by his second bout with cancer.

FOX Facts: Tony Snow's Battle With Cancer

Snow had his colon removed and underwent six months of chemotherapy after he was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2005. In 2007 he announced his cancer had recurred and spread to his liver, and he had a malignant growth removed from his abdominal area.

He resigned from the White House six months later, in September 2007, citing not his health but a need to earn more than the $168,000 a year he was paid in the government post. He was replaced by his deputy, Dana Perino, Bush's current press secretary.

After taking time off to recuperate, Snow joined CNN as a political commentator early this year.

At the White House, Snow brought partisan zeal and the skills of a seasoned performer to the task of explaining and defending the president's policies. During daily briefings he challenged reporters, scolded them and questioned their motives as if he were starring in a TV show broadcast live from the West Wing.

"The White House has lost a great friend and a great colleague," said Perino in a statement released to the media. "We all loved watching him at the podium, but most of all we learned how to love our families and treat each other."

Critics suggested Snow was turning the traditionally informational daily briefing into a personality-driven media event short on facts and long on confrontation. He was the first press secretary, by his own accounting, to travel the country raising money for Republican candidates.

As a commentator, he had not always been on the president's side. He once called Bush "something of an embarrassment" in conservative circles and criticized what he called Bush's "lackluster" domestic policy.

A sometime fill-in host for Rush Limbaugh, Snow said he loved the intimacy of his radio audience.

"I don't think you ever arrive," he said. "I think anybody who thinks they've arrived or made it, anywhere in the media — they're nuts."

Robert Anthony Snow was born June 1, 1955, in Berea, Ky., the son of a teacher and nurse. He graduated from Davidson College in 1977 with a bachelor's degree in philosophy, and he taught briefly in Kenya before embarking on his journalism career.

Because of his love for writing, Snow took a job as an editorial writer for the Greensboro Record in North Carolina and went on to run the editorial pages at the Newport News (Virginia) Daily Press, Detroit News and Washington Times. He became a nationally syndicated columnist, and in 1991 he became director of speechwriting for President George H.W. Bush.

"He served people, and we can learn from that. He was kind, and we can learn from that. He was just a good person," the senior Bush told FOX News.

Remembering Tony Snow

Snow played six instruments — saxophone, trombone, flute, piccolo, accordion and guitar — and was in a D.C. cover band called Beats Workin'. He also was a film buff.

"He was a great musician," Ailes said. "And he loved movies."

More than anything, said Snow's colleagues, he was a joy to work with.

"He was a lot of fun," his former FOX News producer Griff Jenkins said. "This is a loss of a family member."

FOX News Chief Washington Correspondent Jim Angle called Snow a "gentleman."

Snow is survived by his wife, Jill Ellen Walker, whom he married in 1987; their son, Robbie; and daughters, Kendall and Kristi.

Pamela Anderson has (unfortunately) a 'type'


First Tommy Lee. Then Kid Rock. Now Rick Salomon?

It's been reported that Pamela Anderson and Salomon were granted a marriage license in Las Vegas late Saturday night. That means they can get legally hitched any time in the next year.

Oh, dear. It doesn't take a psychotherapist to see that Pammie has a type. And I think the operative word is "euuuuww." You may remember Salomon -- or certain parts of him -- from that sex tape with his then-gal pal Paris Hilton. Of course, Pammie is no newcomer to the private-acts-made-public genre of reality filmmaking. Anderson and Tommy Lee's honeymoon sex video hit the Internet in 1998.

I'm going out on a limb by predicting that IF these two get married, it probably won't last long. But before the inevitable divorce, think of the also-inevitable honeymoon videos! Just call it a hunch.

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Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey: Recent News

The Secret Behind Baby Sunday Rose's Name Revealed!

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Photo by: David Anderson photography / Headpress / Retna
The Secret Behind Baby Sunday Rose's Name Revealed! | Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman
What's in a name? For newborn Sunday Rose Kidman Urban, quite a bit.

The beautiful baby girl, who was born on July 7 in Nashville to parents Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, is named after early 20th-century artist's muse Sunday Reed, PEOPLE has confirmed. Her middle name, Rose, is a nod to Urban's late grandmother Rose.

"I have read a bit about Sunday Reed and her husband John – she was a key mover and shaker in the arts around the beginning of the century," Kidman's father Antony told Australian newspaper The Daily Telegraph. "The name Sunday struck me as being a nice name for a woman, so my wife and I mentioned it."

The paper reports that in January, Kidman and Urban visited an exhibition by artist Sidney Nolan, who had a longtime relationship with Reed who became his muse.

The exhibition featured a quote from Nolan that was scrawled across a wall: "When you are young you are given a good view of life, because of your closeness to birth."

Rainn Wilson's 'Rocker': An Exclusive Sneak Peek spots the cast of "Entourage" out on location at Urth Café in Los Angeles! The boys strut their stuff as they film scenes for the new season of the hit HBO show.

Off set, Adrian Grenier makes a point to recycle! "I knew you were going to try and catch me not being perfect," he teases the paps as he discards some boxes.

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Permalink | E-Mail | rssDiggdel.icio.usTechnoratiBlinklistFurlReddit is on the scene as famous sisters Paris and Nicky Hilton head to the hip West Hollywood art gallery Pop Factory to take in a little culture. After browsing about the art and taking a texting break on the patio, the fashionable pair exit after an hour and drive off in their respective Range Rovers.

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New Video: A happy Lindsay Lohan and constant companion Samantha Ronson were spotted laughing and holding hands Thursday afternoon on the set of Lohan's new movie 'Labor Pains.' As always -- was on the scene to capture the BFF's in action.

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Copyright 2008 Getty Images AFP / Getty Images

Britney Spears is back in action! The superstar has been shooting a highly publicized segment for Madonna's "Sticky & Sweet" Tour Us Magazine reports.

Spears, shot an elevator scene in which she is disguised in a black hoodie, a source told Us.

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Copyright 2008 Steven Henry / Getty Images

According to the New York Post, Alex Rodriguez's estranged wife Cynthia is allowing the baseball star to visit their older daughter Friday in Toronto -- for the first time since the couple's marriage fell apart in public view last week.

"Arrangements are being made that [the couple's three-year-old] is going to see her dad," Cynthia's divorce lawyer Earle Lilly told the paper.

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No TV, no Blackberry -- not a single luxury! Our own Kevin Frazier was locked away in the "Big Brother" house for 12 hours straight -- with cameras watching every move he made!

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Copyright 2008 Fredrick M. Brown / Getty Images

Director Spike Lee, who participated in the Television Critics Association panel spoke out on the recent controversial comments made by Rev. Jesse Jackson about Democratic hopeful Barack Obama.

"I don't think his (Jackson's) comments help anybody. It's just unfortunate." Reports the AP.

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There's more drama, more romance and more catchy musical numbers in store as Disney's highly anticipated 'High School Musical 3: Senior Year' hits the big screen on October 24 -- and ET has your exclusive first look at the never-before-seen trailer!

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