Friday, October 5, 2007


It seems like scandalous celebrity tapes are so common that we barely think twice when they hit the press anymore. First there was Paris and then Pamela Anderson ... and we cannot forget about Dustin Diamond. I was a little shocked to hear who the latest celeb caught up in these rumors was. Eva Longoria?

It turns out the tape that hit the internet this week was just a spoof. Eva is making fun of everyone's favorite socialite, Paris Hilton. Her partner in the tape is Perry Hilton, who is known for his comedy sketches making fun of Paris. He has mocked everything from her nights out on the town to her DUI ... so naturally this would be the next event in the life of Paris for him to imitate.

I was just really surprised that Eva Longoria was the one that agreed to do the skit with Perry. I have always thought of her as a pretty low-key celebrity. You do not really hear about her involved in scandal or rumors ... or openly mocking other celebrities for that matter. After watching the routine, it almost made me appreciate her even more. She is kind of funny and even makes fun of herself saying that she hopes the tape won't get out because she may want to "marry a cute basketball player one day."

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