Friday, October 5, 2007


The stampede for Hannah Montana tickets created quite a few temper tantrums and prompted us to take a closer look at today's hottest tickets. So it figures that ducats for the tween queen's live show top our list of the hottest ticket searches.

Faded heroes Van Halen are rockin' Search with their reunion tour, but they're not the only musicians making noise in the Buzz. Bruce Springsteen and Led Zeppelin have also spurred searches with tour plans.

Other than that, it's a motley mix of baseball fans hoping to score playoff seats, football fans making plans to attend a game, and Celine Dion fans making a piligramage to see the spectacle in Vegas...

  1. Hannah Montana Tickets
  2. Van Halen Tickets
  3. Dallas Cowboys Tickets
  4. Philadelphia Phillies Tickets
  5. Disney World Tickets
  6. Bruce Springsteen Tickets
  7. Disneyland Tickets
  8. Wicked Tickets
  9. Chicago Ribs Tickets
  10. Jersey Boys Tickets
  1. Green Bay Packers Tickets
  2. Colorado Rockies Tickets
  3. Boston Red Sox Tickets
  4. Detroit Lions Tickets
  5. Celine Dion Tickets
  6. Led Zeppelin Tickets
  7. NASCAR Tickets
  8. George Lopez Tickets
  9. Indianapolis Colts Tickets
  10. LSU Football Ticke

She's No Snake, She's Our BoA

By Mike Krumboltz
Thu, October 04, 2007, 6:52 pm PDT

We do our best to keep track of what's buzzing, but sometimes a trend takes us by surprise. Take BoA, for example. We're just learning about the Korean pop star, but she's actually been causing a commotion for years. Shame on us!

We did a bit of research and discovered some interesting factoids on the red hot songstress. Sheesh, we should have done this years ago...

Name: Kwon BoA (also known as BoA)

What does "BoA" stand for: Beat of Angel

Performance in Search: On the rise. Queries recently surged 71%.

Most Popular with: Adults aged 45-54. Hmm, that's rather strange...

Unless: Those adults are doing shorthand searches for "Bank of America."

Regardless: She's also huge with girls under 13 and draws a healthy number of queries from young guys.

Popular Related Searches: "kwon boa pictures," "kwon boa lyrics," "kwon boa wallpaper."

Coming to America?: According to Wikipedia, BoA is "suspending her Korean activities to enter the U.S. market." You have been warned.

Buzz Multiplex

At the Buzz multiplex this week, there are boys coming of age, guys who never grew up, and men learning the hard lessons of life, perhaps too late. From the look of Search, a comic remake helmed by two brothers is the flick to beat.

1. "The Heartbreak Kid" (R). Ben Stiller returns to two things in this comic remake: the self-doubting newlywed schtick and the Farrelly brothers... actually, that makes that three things. Online anticipation for the flick leapt 800%-plus from ages 13-54—which would make "Heartbreak" the truly dysfunctional family movie if it weren't for the R rating. With more searches than all the other movies opening combined, only Ben himself can scare away the audience.

2. "The Seeker: The Dark is Rising" (PG). Blend a coming-of-age film with time traveling and the forces of good and evil, and you have this British adventure film. Based on an award-winning book series that preceded Harry Potter by nearly 30 years, a homesick 14-year-old boy and youngest of seven kids (Drew Tyler Bell) finds he's a time traveler who has to find six signs to save the world. The family search interest doubled this week, but low overall buzz might mean modest box office returns.

3. "Michael Clayton" (R, limited release). Nothing like a new girlfriend on crutches at your movie premiere to get the buzz going. George Clooney stars as a "fixer" at a huge New York corporate law firm, and at stake is a $3 billion class-action suit which has already driven the lead attorney bonkers. Off screen, girlfriend Sarah Larson got lots of attention limping alongside George on the red carpet, and that sight plus good critical reviews have pumped up mature buzz (ages 21-64) among movie lovers.

In other movies... "Feel the Noise" (R) is pretty much one long video showcasing the soundtrack, which makes up 20% of the film's queries, and Omarion, the most popular actor in a movie opening this week... Lucid dreaming gets cinematic treatment in limited release "The Good Night," which gets no buzz except for stars Penelope Cruz and Gwyneth Paltrow—who happens to be the sister of the director... Director Justin Lin tries his hand in "Finishing the Game" in this Bruce Lee mockumentary, but searchers love only the original Jeet Kune Do master himself.

Swish aside, Nessie. Six frolicking lake monsters have lapped you in Buzz.

Several weeks ago, Chinese Central Television broadcast a local reporter's footage of a group of unidentified (and enormous) swimming creatures in northwestern China. The video is grainy and the animals—if they are animals—are hard to make out. But humdrum details can't keep a good lake monster down. News of the sighting raced around the globe. Now, searches have splashed upwards.

In the past week, buzz on "china lake monster video," "china lake monster animals," and "china lake monster creatures" surged. Interest in "sea monsters" rose 489%. And Lake Tianchi, where the beasts were spotted, drew a sudden influx of attention.

Nessie's not entirely forgotten, though. The six bathing beauties sparked an impressive 4,600% spike in searches for "loch ness monster." Interest in the Scottish legend's pictures, video clips, and sightings also rose. Now, if only the China lake kids could send a little love to their oft-neglected American cousin, the Lake Champlain Monster.

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