Wednesday, May 9, 2007



The free trade zone of "SHANGHAI WAIGAOQIAO FREE TRADE ZONE" was established conforming to the international custom. This area is located about 20km north east from the center of Shanghai city.

The beginning of 1990 period, this was planned and ratified by the affairs of state in order to extensively promote Shanghai economy at PUDONG NEW AREA of total area of 522km2 east side of HUANGPU River.@In this PUDONG NEW AREA the land of 10km2 was divided and applied for this zone which is favourably treated for maximum limit in both respects of funds and policies. This free trade zone was established at first in Chinese continent and this is the biggest scale among the free trade zones and is the composite area of free trade, bonded warehouse, bonded processing and trade service etc. which has the biggest liberation measure in the country.

So far 44 counties such as Japan, Europe and America, Asian countries, with the enterprises of the district have launched, and the total investment has come to ground total US$2.78 billion, and the launched enterprises have reached to 1797 companies.

The infrastructure such as electric, gas and water etc. are provided sufficiently due to developed area near to the big river the YANGTSE River. Besides above this free trade zone has WAIGAOQIAO deep water harbor and the modernized loading and unloading equipment is fully furnished at the wharf so that the large size ship is possible to anchor. New airport is planning to set up at about 20km south east of this area and is scheduled to start in 2000. And also it is very convenience of connection and communication with PUXI because of the YANGGAO Road of 50m width is constructed at west side of this free trade zone and this road is jointed with NANPU Bridge, YANGPU Bridge and with the submarine tunnel.

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