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REAL Money Is Inflation Proof:
Your Liberty Dollar Solution

Andrew Williams, a spokesman for the Federal Reserve in Washington, D.C.:

"There is no law that says goods and services must be paid for with Federal Reserve notes. Parties entering into a transaction can establish any medium of exchange that is agreed upon."

Paul Harvey, well-known and respected news commentator, reported:

What's new? The Liberty Dollar! Fed Ex competes with the Post Office. So now there's the Liberty Dollar competing with the greenbacks printed by your government. The Liberty Dollar is backed by gold and silver. Yes, there's a competitive currency right here in the United States. In five years it has become the second most popular currency in America.

100,000 Liberty Dollar supporters:

REAL Money's got the look, the feel, and the real value. Because it is REAL Gold and Silver. I use it every day! And so can you!
Bernard von NotHausBernard von NotHaus
Monetary Architect

Welcome to the Liberty Dollar: Remember when gas was only 25-cents a gallon? You could take a dollar down to the gas station and buy four gallons for a buck! At that time our dollar was backed by REAL money, real silver. Guess what? That same amount of silver still buys four gallons of gas! That just shows that real money like gold and silver holds its value and it is the green paper money that is now worth a lot less. As a matter of fact, when you think about it, you realize that gas, food, and almost everything else has NOT gotten more expensive. It only seems that way because the value of the green paper money is worth less and less and so it takes more and more of it to buy the same goods and services. Most people think prices have gone up, but in reality: it is the value of the US dollar that has actually gone down. Luckily, now there is a simple and profitable solution to the coming inflation - good old-fashioned, REAL money as the Founders intended. Look at these charts by the US government.

Real Money - The American Liberty Dollar National Debt

The national debt has climbed to alarming levels since the Federal Reserve was created in 1913.
Source: U.S. Treasury, Bureau of the Public Debt Purchasing Power
As a result, the Federal Reserve Note (US dollar) has lost 96% of its purchasing power since 1913.
Source: U.S. Dept, of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, CPI

The Federal Reserve creates inflation when it issues US dollars backed by government debt. Since 1913, when the Federal Reserve was created by Congress, your money has lost 96% of its purchasing power due to inflation. The more "money" the Federal Reserve creates - the less your Federal Reserve "money" will buy.

From 1913 to 2001 the national debt grew to $6 trillion in 88 years. In the next three years it climbed to $7 trillion dollars in 2004. In just one year it climbed sharply to over $8 trillion dollars. The acceleration of the national debt is alarming. The corresponding loss of your purchasing power may also accelerate in the near future.

Now you can profit from the coming inflation with the inflation proof REAL money - the 100% gold and silver Liberty Dollar.

Hi. My name is Bernard von NotHaus. I was so concerned about what is happening to our "money" that I designed and developed the Liberty Dollar. For 25 years, I was the Mintmaster at the Royal Hawaiian Mint and have devoted my life to the study of money, why it is valuable, and how we use it to fulfill our dreams. Like you, I am paying a lot higher gas prices, but I am also making a lot more money because I am using the Liberty Dollar. Here is what G. Edward Griffin, the noted author on the Federal Reserve said:

On page 573 of "The Creature from Jekyll Island", I wrote that before we could abandon Federal Reserve Notes, we first had to be able to convert them into real money. I said: "That means we must create an entirely new money supply which is 100% backed by precious metal; and we must do so in a reasonably short period of time." Well you have to be careful what you recommend, because Bernard von NotHaus did exactly that. And although I initially thought there were too many obstacles, to my surprise, the more I studied the details of his plan, the more convinced I was that by Jove, it just might work! My business, The Reality Zone, is a Liberty Associate, and I urge you to get in on the ground floor and join this growing group of concerned Americans as a Liberty Associate now!
My 25 Years at the Mint

While I was the Mintmaster in Hawaii I pursued a secret project. For over 23 years I worked on developing a value backed paper currency to complement the Mint's gold and silver commemorative business. Not satisfied with just copying the paper money of the Kingdom of Hawaii from the 1800's, I wanted to create a totally new inflation proof currency that met the demands of the free market in precious metals and would represent real gold and silver stored in an independent warehouse. I called my secret project the "Hawaiian Sovereign Currency".

Oh, it was beautiful with the Statue of Kamehamaha and all the flora of Hawaii. Then one night, while I was working at the Waikiki Branch Mint, an elderly gentleman stopped by. He turned out to be one of our collectors and a paper money collector to boot. So I decided to share my secret with him and use him as a focus group of one. Oh, he loved the Hawaiian currency idea. So I shared a bit more of my plan. He was enthused and asked for more details. Well, over a two-hour period, I shared the whole REAL money plan with my new-found friend.

He loved the whole idea and wanted to order some of the new currency immediately, even though I told him that it had not been produced yet. Then he stopped and appeared to fall into a deep thought and out of the blue suggested that I take my inflation proof currency to the mainland! He said Americans needed real money to protect their purchasing power. Leave Hawaii!? What heresy I thought! But with the children gone to college on the mainland and my 25th anniversary at the Mint approaching, I decided to retire and follow my new friend's advice.

Quickly I replaced the Statue of Kamehameha with the Statue of Liberty and the Hawaiian palm fronds with the geometric artwork that most paper money is known for and the Liberty Dollar was born on October 1, 1998. Of course all the disciplines of the gold and silver currency - the interlocking checks and balances, audits, and ultra high security devices that I had designed into the original currency system - remained the same.

Now years later, I have created this website so you can take control of your money and protect yourself from inflation. Of course, this is a big job, and that is why I need your help - it depends on you. The best part is that it is fun to use REAL money. Liberty Dollars are a proven and profitable currency that protects and grows the purchasing power of your money!
20 Silver Certificate
$20 Silver Certificate

Redeemable by Bearer on Demand
Moral, legal, and constitutional. Inflation Proof Money - At a Discount!

Yes, Hawaii is a wonderful place but raising a family in the high-priced Islands was tough. It just wasn't gasoline that was expensive, everything was expensive! I know how difficult it is to provide for a family. And after you retire, it can be even worse on a fixed income! Paper money backed only by government debt is bad for everyone! That's why I created the Liberty Dollar.

The Liberty Dollar is the second-most popular and the fastest-growing currency in America! It's backed by gold and silver instead of being backed by national debt like our familiar US dollars. When you hold the Liberty Dollar, you own silver. When you give this REAL money to someone as payment, they now own silver. Pretty neat, huh?

On the other hand, when you hold US dollars, you own debt that you will eventually have to repay. When you give US dollars to someone as payment, they now have debt. Ouch!

If someone gave you a choice between a stack of ordinary ten-dollar bills and a stack of ten-dollar bills that were printed on the back with a coupon for 5 gallons of gasoline, good at any gas station in the country, which would you choose?

The first stack is just dollar bills. The second stack is also dollar bills, or if gas prices go up, you can use the back of the bills and fill your tank.

You'd have to be crazy to take the first stack! Why not get the benefits of a negotiable currency coupled with the redeemability for a useful commodity, in this case, gasoline? If gas prices go up, you win while everyone else complains about the high cost of gas! If prices don't rise, you still have your ten-dollar bills!

Liberty Dollars are backed by silver. You can use the face value on the front like cash - or redeem it for silver as specified on the back. Silver is a valuable commodity whose price has been going up! Silver is used in photography, jewelry, electronics, and industrial production. You may not use silver yourself, but there's a worldwide market for it! Simply by choosing a more valuable money, REAL money, you can profit!

Best of all, since the Liberty Dollar is a free market currency, you can actually get it at a discount when you become a Liberty Associate and make money when you place it into circulation! Click here.
10 Silver Certificate
$10 Silver Certificate

Redeemable by Bearer on Demand
America's inflation proof currency 100% Backed by Gold & Silver

The Liberty Dollar is private, inflation proof REAL money that is devoid of inflation and debt. It's a currency of the people, for the people, and by the people.

REAL money does not cause our national debt to go up when you use it. In contrast, every Federal Reserve Note that is created adds to our national debt.

REAL money unites people: liberals, conservatives, minorities, libertarians, and greens are all enthusiastic about the Liberty Dollar. (In fact, about the only people who don't like it, are bankers.) Anything with such wide appeal must be good.

REAL money helps local economies thrive and prosper. Liberty Dollars spent in your community tends to stay in your community. US dollars tend to get sucked out to New York banks or big box retailers.

REAL money is fair. Every certificate tells you exactly what you can get when you redeem it for silver.

REAL money helps educate people about money, a topic most people simply do not understand. The facts about money are simple, but have become complicated over the years as we moved away from the basics.

Become a Liberty Associate and get the Liberty Dollar at a discount. Click here.

Redeemable by Bearer on Demand
Distributed by a national, nonprofit, educational organization Works Just Like US Dollars

Just as FedEx brought competition to the Post Office and it became incredibly successful, the Liberty Dollar emulates the same model by offering an inflation proof currency. Now you can become incredibly successful too.

The Liberty Dollar brings free enterprise to the creation of money. Doesn't it just make sense that when the underlying commodity increases in value the purchasing power of the currency should increase in value? Well that is exactly what happened in 2005. The Liberty Dollar Moved Up from the $10 Silver Base to the new $20 Silver base and all Liberty Dollars DOUBLED in value. Just imagine, while your US Dollars are losing purchasing power, the Liberty Dollars are appreciating in value and rewarding everyone holding the new gold and silver currency that keeps pace with inflation.

Plus the Liberty Dollar is easy for merchants and customers use because it functions dollar-for-dollar with the US dollar as its "unit of account" is exactly the same.

Local merchants find the Liberty Dollar particularly beneficial, as REAL MONEY is profitable, circulates freely, builds traffic, grows their business, and increases customer loyalty.

The Liberty Dollar was specifically designed circulate in the community for the advantage of the local economy and stay in the community, so REAL money may not be deposited into a bank. Because the Liberty Dollar cannot be whisked away, it remains in your community and circulate for the good of both the merchants and consumers.

Redeemable by Bearer on Demand
America's second most popular currency. Time For a New Dollar

The three best reasons to use the Liberty Dollar: Have fun, do good, earn money.

First, it's FUN. You'll have merchants asking lots of questions, friends gathering around to see the currency, and you can become an expert on money - all by getting some Liberty Dollars.

Second, it's good for your community. As a community currency, Liberty Dollars don't disappear, so when you spend them, they stay in the local economy. Plus, Liberty Dollars are inflation-proof and debt-free REAL money, so they're good for America.

Third, it's profitable to become a Liberty Associate or a Liberty Merchant. Plus using the Liberty Dollar will attract new business, generate advertising, and build a loyal customer base around the Liberty Dollar! And by giving out the Liberty Dollar in change, you can earn more!

And whether or not you're a Liberty Merchant, you can choose to become a Liberty Associate and actually earn money by putting REAL money into circulation.

The Liberty Dollar is available in three forms: metal Gold & Silver Libertys (which are by far the most popular), paper Silver Certificates, and in digital form for use on-line and via email.

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