Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Return of the Race

The Amazing Race 12 Makes Its Debut

Kynt and Vyxsin
Kynt and Vyxsin

No more sad songs for CBS. After ditching the tuneless trainwreck that was "Viva Laughlin," the network turned to a buzzworthy benchwarmer. Season 12 of "The Amazing Race" sprinted back on the schedule and scored with searchers.

While the show's tried-and-true format of bickering duos and travel tizzies is well-worn, viewers flock back to the comfort of host Phil Keoghan's cocked eyebrow. Searches on the show doubled during the past week, and related searches on "amazing race 12" and "amazing race 12 spoilers" also sailed up the charts.

Interest in the reality warhorse falls squarely in the demo of middle-aged dreamers. Half of the searches on the expedition extravaganza come from the 35-54 demo. As for metro interest, we weren't surprised when we found Cincinnati and Louisville leading the way on "Race" searches. This year's standout couple—makeup-addicted goths Kynt and Vyxsin—hail from the 'Ville.

Instead of simply moving to contestant-laden L.A., some fans hope to score a spot on the show by searching. Queries on "amazing race application," "amazing race casting call," and "amazing race 14" are a testament to the enduring power of the reality race.

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