Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Pamela Anderson Marries Co-Star Of Paris Hilton Sex Tape

It was another typical weekend in Vegas, as people gambled, danced, dined and, oh yeah, Pamela Anderson got married.

Yes, the former 'Baywatch' beauty, and current star of Hans Klok's The Beauty of Magic at Planet Hollywood resort, married Rick Salomon Saturday night, in between performances of the magic show. Salomon, as you might recall, is best known for co-starring in the famous Paris Hilton sex tape, '1 Night in Paris.'

So, let's review: Pamela was once married to Tommy Lee, with whom she made a famous sex tape. Then she married Kid Rock, who recently got into a fight with Lee. Now she has married a guy who is famous for being in a sex tape with Paris Hilton and who was once married to Shannen Doherty, who once got in a fight with Tara Reid, who once got in a fight with a plastic surgeon's knife (and lost.) It's like playing "Six Degrees of Sex, Fights and Videotape."

Given Pamela's hubby history, and the history of celebrity marriages in general, there's a good chance she and Salomon will be divorced in a few months, leaving her on the lookout for hubby number four. I'm holding out hope that when/if that happens, she'll finally marry someone stable. Maybe someone like, say, Owen Wilson.

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