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Pop Tarts: Natalie Portman Promotes Her 'Free Online' Steamy Sex Scene

Video: Click here to watch Natalie in promo mode

Dressed in silky red, the Harvard graduate and "Star Wars" sensation had a Lolita-like look as she cruised the carpet — a far cry from her nothing-but-socks attire in "Chevalier."

But what is it about Anderson’s carefully constructed romantic romp that’s sparked so many head-spins?

"His attention to detail," Natalie said. "The documentary format allows us to see how strange people can be … Anderson’s documentary really shows the nutty side of humanity."

And be sure not to blink — you never know what you'll miss.

"The things she doesn’t say are just as important as the things she does," Natalie added.

And while most males would be sent soaring in the presence of Portman, it seems Jason Schwartzman was sweatier around co-stars Owen Wilson and Adrien Brody.

"I love Owen Wilson and I love Adrian Brody very much. I was very star-struck and nervous about being so close to them," Schwartzman said.

"We spent three months together hour after hour after hour on a moving train all throughout India, and we really did come to love each other and really did come to know each other. It was a very claustrophobic experience, but I think it works out in the end that claustrophobia is a good environment when they are trying to make a movie about family."

Paps Pledge to Protect Spears From Suicide; Ex-Manager Larry Saving Her Fries

In the wake of serious speculation that Britney Spears should be on suicide watch, Pop Tarts has learned that the paparazzi have made a pact to protect their panty-free pop nut.

We spotted scores of snappers hanging around outside her Malibu mansion Tuesday night, waiting for the baby-free Britster to bump home in her banged-up Benz.

"We are always close by Britney; we love Britney," said one pap (who prefers to be called a "reporter/producer"). "We will never let anything happen to her; we will never let her harm herself."

"Somebody is always around — she’s our friend. No Britney, no work," added another. "I don’t know if it's drugs or what’s going on with her."

But according to another patient paparazzo, the pop princess’ problems have more to do with bad boys than illicit toys.

"Most of the boyfriends and friends she has had don’t help her — they want her money," he said.

You sound concerned, guys, but do you think maybe the lot of you hanging around her house after midnight is half the reason she has turned "Crazy"?

Meanwhile, Pop Tarts has spoken to Brit's former manager Larry Rudolph (whose deep affections still lie with the loony lyricist), but it seems her frequent fast-food feasting has caused him to give up his fondness for fries.

"Can't eat them anymore," Larry said. "I'll save my lifetime supply for my former client."

However, we reminded Rudolph that these days it is actually Taco Bell that Brit munches most, and he was quite proud of his pop prodigy.

"If you're going to eat junk, you may as well make it that," he said.

Meanwhile, due to Brit's ding turned dang in a parking lot on Aug. 6, she looks set to make another cameo in the courtroom on Oct. 25.

Spears must be formally charged for a hit and run and for driving without a valid license, as per judge’s orders.

Pop Tarts recently learned, however, that the owner of the victimized vehicle, Kim Rifkin, was concerned about all the chaos the crash has caused and was planning to pull a plug on the prosecution. Britney reportedly is in talks with Rifkin to sort out an amicable agreement.

Jolie and Jon: Did Angelina Pull a Britney?

Is Angelina Jolie finally forming a friendship with her estranged father, Jon Voight, after several years of silence? After all, if Britney Spears can once again open her arms to mama Lynne, anything is possible.

Brangelina and their flourishing family have been staying in style at New York City's Waldorf Astoria Hotel, and according to the New York Post they have autographed a lease to rent some ritzy rooms in the Waldorf Towers next door.

Pop Tarts also has heard that Voight paid a visit to the five-star setting on Sunday and left "smiling."

While it is unconfirmed whether or not he saw his glamorous little girl, insiders believe that the movie mom is starting to miss her dad-daughter bond.

"Angelina is still really struggling with her own mother’s passing," an inside source said. "She’s starting to realize what’s most important and making incredible changes."

And it seems (at long last) the Oscar-winner is reforming her friendship with food. Recent reports publicized Brad Pitt’s concern for his shrinking "Mrs. Smith," and apparently it has taken the "Girl, Interrupted" glamour gal many months to start munching again.

"Angelina has put on a few pounds, which she loves," our source said. "She’s giving herself a few more treats like the occasional take-out. It’s giving her lots more energy to enjoy the time she has to spend with Brad and the kids."

And although Ang did recently tell us that she "can’t cook," it appears the bonus burgers are boosting her bounce to go "Beyond Borders" more as well.

"The conflict in Iraq has displaced over 4 million people, but nothing is a better deterrent for conflict than an educated society, so we have to get our priorities in order," Jolie told FOX. "We really need to focus on education, health and getting the environment safe — not that any one child is more important than the other, but it’s vital that we identify schools, get teachers back, make schools safe for these kids."

But while Angelina is giving of "Mighty Heart" in Africa, Pitt is more passionate about hitting his homeland hard with help.

"I have this great love for New Orleans and this great love for the people there," Brad told FOX. "This was a disaster that should have been avoided — this was a man-made disaster and these people were failed in so many ways. Now we need some man-made solutions, and I want to see that people can get back into their homes and rebuild their lives and sense of community."

And according to experts, the Brangelina brand won’t be busting anytime soon.

"They appear to be a strong couple who are dedicated to forming a healthy and stable family unit," said Sloane Veshinski, a Hollywood family and marriage therapist. "What has contributed to their strong relationship is their ability to overcome the obstacles they have faced through the negative publicity at the onset of their relationship and the multiple overseas adoptions."

'Mess USA' 2006 Tara Conner Returns to Play Pageant Parent?

She may have tarnished Trump's tiara late last year with her boozy bad behavior, but Tara Conner looks like she's been given another chance to steal the spotlight — and this time, she's all sweet and grown up.

MTV's latest reality show, "Pageant Place," debuts Wednesday night, giving all us ordinary folks the opportunity to see the claws come out as sash sisters Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA all reside under Trump's regal roof.

The Donald has brought Conner back into the clan to serve as a "mother" figure and advise the glamour girls what to do, or more likely what not to do.

But when it comes to Tara, trouble seems to stay close. Our insiders tell us that reigning Miss USA Rachel Smith was somewhat peeved by her predecessor's presence … and there is no shortage of jealous tears and tantrums inside Trump's tower.

Janet Jackson Wants Her Man Without Marriage

“If” anything, time has taught Janet Jackson that matrimony is messy and sensuality is much simpler without a signature.

After two marriages and two divorces, the 41-year-old longtime lover of record producer and rapper Jermaine Dupri doesn’t desire another diamond.

“In this day and age, I feel we don’t need that piece of paper. For myself I don’t need that to validate what I have with someone,” Janet told FOX at the premiere of her new movie “Why Did I Get Married?” last Thursday. “It’s about a spiritual commitment and finding your soul mate and really exchanging vows with one another, and I think that’s enough for me at least.”

Video: Click here to watch Janet talk about passion without the paper

And even though the music mogul doesn't want any nuptials, she still has a strong objection to “open relationships."

“No way, not for me,” she said. “Why get involved in a relationship if you want to mess around with other people? It doesn’t make sense.”

And while Janet did divulge that she is back in the studio putting together some new songs for her own album, Pop Tarts has also heard murmurs that the suddenly svelte star and her singing siblings are all fine-tuning tracks with her bro Michael Jackson, who is supposedly set to make a musical comeback.

Brit Behind the Bar?

Is it really wise for a woman who engages in "habitual, frequent and continuous use of controlled substances and alcohol," who is also trying to regain custody of her kids, to be working around booze? reported Monday that Britney Spears used her express stay at Santa Monica’s Viceroy Hotel last Thursday to butter up the bar manager and show him how hot she is at filling out an HR application to be a bartending babe.

Strangely enough, however, some sources have told Pop Tarts that if the Britster really does get her booty behind a bar and learn how to “serve” others, she’ll be a better mama.

But we think this job seems to be written in the stars for Spears — this girl has a “Crazy” connection with the "cosmos," y’all.

Just a few months ago, Pop Tarts was told that Britney wanted to waitress at Hollywood hotspot Les Deux as she was so obsessed with the gorgeous girls in their red and black get-ups.

Hmmm … someone should tell Brit that if it is “tips” she wants, it is time for her to seek some professional guidance.

Mark Wahlberg Used to 'Own the Night'

Mark Wahlberg might play a polished policeman in “We Own the Night,” but the Boston-born actor has confessed to some chronic criminal behavior in his younger years.

“I had so many brushes with the law growing up in an Irish community in Boston and being the youngest of nine,” he told FOX. “I started breaking the law at a young age; I had a complete disregard for authority. But all the experience I had punching and being arrested innumerable times has proved valuable to my acting career.”

But given Wahlberg’s familiarity with bad behavior, he is making sure to shield his own children from the hazards of Hollywood and doesn’t even intend to send them out to school.

“The only thing I can really do is isolate them and try to keep them away from TV and society,” said the protective parent of Ella, 4 and Michael, 1. “I will most probably home school them as well. But above everything I will try to just guide and protect them as much as I can. I want to be with my kids every step of the way.”

The A-List of A-List Legends

Hollywood’s hottest honorees can out-party any Pop Tart. However, these "reel" stars choose sophistication over substance-abuse and scandals.

Pop Tarts hung out in the heart of Hollywood last week at Target’s American Film Institute’s 40th Anniversary, where the likes of Jack Nicholson, Warren Beatty and Clint Eastwood cruised the classy carpet.

But the most “Foxy” fun was “The Birds” beauty Tippi Hedren, who created a new network catchphrase for FOX News.

“The opposition can’t look at the other side, but Fox is fair,” Tippi told us. “That could be your new slogan: 'Fox Is Fair.' Fox is fair — you should pass that on to the producers.”

Video: See how Tippi hasn't aged a day

And even at 77, this screen sex symbol says that the recipe to a rocking party is simple:

Sean Connery,” she said. “Last year AFI had the most amazing party with Sean Connery.”

And unlike so many others in Hollywood, “When Harry Met Sally” director Rob Reiner definitely doesn’t need a drink to feel dizzy and delighted.

“It feels great to be here and be honored, but right now I am a bit spaced out — I mean look, I’m standing next to George Lucas,” he said, smiling. “George Lucas is, you know, a big shot, much bigger than me. Look there, see, there’s George Lucas. [Lucas doesn’t look up.] He does not even know, he doesn’t even know we’re talking about him right now, see. That’s the beauty of it, that’s how big he is. He’s huge!”

Speaking of the legendary Lucas, here is what the “Stars Wars” wonderman thinks of anyone who has made a living reviewing movies:

“They don’t have any power, they don’t make any difference in terms of making a film successful,” he told FOX. “All it does is hurt filmmakers' feelings.“

Video: Watch our chat with Lucas

But that’s not the only ouch coming from the powerhouse filmmaker — he had harsh words for the thieves who stole items from Steven Spielberg on the set of the upcoming “Indiana Jones" movie.

“The items stolen were very significant. It has happened before — crime is everywhere,” he said. “But we always catch the people who did it and the penalty is many, many years in prison. I make sure of it.”

And “Spartacus” sensation Kirk Douglas may be almost 91, but this movie man still knows that when there is press at a party, it is a prime time to promote yourself.

“'Let’s Face It' is my ninth book and I dedicated it to young people. Let’s face it, the world is in a mess and the young people will inherit that mess,” he told us while making sure we shot him in the center of the spotlight “so he could be seen."

“So we old guys have the duty the best way that we can to help them deal with the problems because there are lots of problems. Thank you.”

Douglas was even savvy enough skills to make the media-shy Jack Nicholson string together a sentence.

“You stole my part!” Douglas complained, referring to Nicholson “nicking” his role in 1975’s Oscar-winning “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest."

“I knew you’d be down here to complain about it,” Jack shot back. “Here we go again.”

Mama Lynne Called In as Britney Sings Santa Songs to Pup

It seems like Britney Spears has taken the term “Toxic” to a whole new level of loopy, and we are now a “Brit” worried for her well-being in the wake of another warped weekend.

Britney’s first formal family visit since losing custody last week was a diva disaster, reported.

The visitation (which was to be supervised by a parenting counselor) was scheduled for 10 a.m. Thursday. However, Britney only wanted to hold the reunion at the Beverly Wilshire hotel in Beverly Hills.

Ex-husband Kevin Federline’s attorney apparently flipped out and refused the “inappropriate” request. But when K-Fed's bodyguard took Brit’s babies to her Malibu mansion, he buzzed and waited 40 minutes for the mama, but she was nowhere to be seen.

But our “Crazy” crooner can't hide for long. She was caught that evening dining on tacos and tostadas at Casa Escobar, a Mexican restaurant in Marina Del Rey (just down the road from estranged cousin Alli’s new apartment — stalking, anyone?)

In spite of her week of scandals, sagas and losing custody of her sons, she told staff that she was “very, very happy” — that was, until her car wouldn’t cruise. After realizing that she was still in park, Brit was finally able to blast off, but for the third night in a row she bumped up to a hotel — this time, The Viceroy in Santa Monica was the lucky location.

But instead of staying the night, the songstress pulled another express check-out with a snitch saying she left in a Lamborghini with an unidentified male around 2 a.m.

Friday turned out to be another fun-filled day of picture posing for the ding-a-ling diva, but with cousin Alli on the run, the Britster hung out with ex-beau/music producer J.R. Rotem. The duo caused a commotion in a Melrose boutique as staff ran rampant to chase prying paparazzi out of their otherwise sophisticated store.

An eyewitness told us that Brit continued her bizarre behavior by “hiding in the clothes racks and laughing hysterically” as the chaos took place before police came to take control.

And honestly, where would our “Toxic” train wreck be without her pals the paparazzi?

Spears scored a flat tire on Mulholland just after midnight and buzzed her buddies from LAPD to rescue her, but a savvy snapper put his camcorder down and did the dirty work, changing her tire himself.

However, a Pop Tarts spy tells us that the batty Britster passed the time by singing “Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town” to her pup London (which she had dressed in St. Nick fashion).

The legion of lens-leeches also asked her how her sons were, and our source tells us that the more naughty than nice star-loon made the strange statement: “I already have them back, baby,” before blowing the pap pack kisses and telling them “how beautiful they all are and how much she loves them.”

But even though Spears lost her own family to the Fed last week, it seems she’s getting back to good with her own sis and ma.

Lynne Spears and Jamie Lynne spent a sweet Saturday with Britney in Malibu making amends before the two singing sisters sped to the Taco Bell drive-thru for burritos.

But our loopy lyricist tried unsuccessfully to order through her glass window, so eventually her pap pals placed the order, paid and hand-delivered the grub to the giggling girls.

Click here to watch

Pop Tarts has also learned that Brit took two court-ordered drug tests on Friday and Saturday and both have come back negative. That’s our good girl, y’all!

The pop princess also looks set to get back “Into the Zone” of Kabbalah, as our insider tells us that “Madonna sent her lovely letter of support suggesting she start re-reading the literature to find who she really is once again.”

Juliette Lewis Rambles, J.C. Chasez Punched by Pop Tarts and Run DMC Sees Ghosts

With dozens of stars crammed into the “Crimson/Opera” club last Thursday to celebrate Rolling Stone magazine’s Hot 100 list, it certainly felt like the spirit of the '60s was still swinging.

Why did Brad Pitt’s former flame Juliette Lewis and her “Licks” bandmates come to let loose — was it the sex or drugs or just to rock 'n’ roll?

“I’m all about breaking clichés and you embrace a little of them and then you punch some of them in the face and become progressive,” Juliette told FOX.

“Hopefully, more and more it’s about the music, the real rock 'n’ roll. I think drugs are really passé. You’re talking to a 12-year clean, sober girl, but I lose my mind on stage. That’s where I like to create chaos and insanity. As for the sex … another story we’ll save for next time!”

Something even stranger on the already screwball night was Lewis’ love for Spears’ songs.

“That 'Gimme Gimme More … Gimme More, Gimme Gimme' thing is great — seriously I think it’s hot stuff,” Jules rambled.

Meanwhile, Brit’s former boy-band buddy, J.C. Chasez of *NSYNC, is “Tearin’ Up His Heart” over the “Mouseketeer” mom.

“It’s so tough what she is going through and she’s such a good person," he said. "It’s hard to hear about somebody I spent my childhood with, who has so much potential, experiencing this.”

And when Pop Tarts spied something white and fluffy in his hair, we thought we had better tell before we touched — wouldn’t want to mess up the boy-band mane.

“If I put gel in my hair, you’re allowed to beat me up. It’s cool,” Chasez responded.

Maybe we were wrong, but we saw it as a prime invitation to pack a Pop Tarts punch anyway!

But when Darryl McDaniels (of Run DMC) rolled by, we weren’t so brave ... after all, he sees ghosts!

“Rolling Stone magazine will tell you that Tom Petty is the bomb. They’ll let you know Eric Clapton still is God. They’ll let you know Jimi Hendrix ain’t really dead, after all I still see him. Yes, I see Hendrix — he is with us,” Run rapped. “Rock 'n' roll lives on for ever and ever.”

Even the suddenly svelte again Janet Jackson came to jive beyond "The Velvet Rope," but only once her billions of bodyguards gave the venue the A-OK.

Fashionably late, our “Rhythm Nation” native finally flocked in — but Pop Tarts caught the music mogul making her move to the back door just minutes after arrival, but only because “her boy was at home waiting. …”

Pop Tarts partied at Opera again on Friday and among the long lines, people, paps and cars was a paparazzo on super-high stilts dressed as a half-clown/half-canine creature taking pics of Haylie Duff dancing in and out the back door.

But nobody even looked up, laughed or seemed stunned by the stilted snapper — as we've said before, everything that is abnormal elsewhere is very typical in Tinseltown.

Sin City Sisters: Paris & Nicky 'Get Around'

It’s no secret that when it comes to the Hilton heiresses, these girls like to “Sin” and “Strip” — and they definitely don’t restrict themselves to a single stop.

Star-studded sisters Paris and Nicky Hilton started off Nicky’s birthday bender on Friday night with their family and friends at Social House before heading over to The Luxor's LAX in Las Vegas.

And even though it was Nicky’s night, all the press and people wanted was a piece of Paris.

“Happy Birthday Paris!” Pop Tarts heard a flack of frenzied fans outside scream.

“It’s not my birthday, it’s Nicky’s!” she bellowed back. But her little friends wouldn’t hear of it, insisting that they wanted to give the “Simple Life” star a "big birthday kiss."

Once inside, who knew Paris had the skills to spawn a slideshow specifically for her sister?(Hang on, we forgot she has had some “practice” with technical equipment before.)

But now that her extensions are extinct, it seems those “Birthday” wishes were able to bombard her brain. Paris partied like it was her own party, purring on the mic and prancing wildly on the VIP lounge while little sis sat soundly — our spy suggesting that Paris’ hard-partying even made “Mindfreak” Criss Angel magically disappear.

Over at PURE in Caesar’s Palace, the Hilton hotties came in to continue toasting the 24-year-old Nicky.

The designer was devoured with a dollop of decadence when the Pussycat Dolls presented her with another creamy cake and the club sang “Happy Birthday."

Pop Tarts also popped Paris making party/publicity pit stops and posing for pics at the MGM Grand, The Wynn and The Excelsior.

But probably the only place the princess wasn’t seen partying was at the Planet Hollywood wedding between Pamela Anderson and Hilton’s sex-tape co-star Rick Salomon. How dare he not invite the woman responsible for his rise to fame?

Erotic Eva Exposed: Mendes 'Went for It' With Joaquin Phoenix

Guys, get ready. Eva Mendes exposes "everything" in her upcoming film "We Own the Night,” and doesn’t hold back when it comes to her steamy sex scenes with Joaquin Phoenix.

“I trusted him. I trusted everybody on this and I just went for it,” she said.

Video: Click here to see our chat with Eva

But it wasn’t easy for Eva to take off her clothes and go all the way.

“The sex scene with Joaquin really wasn’t as good as it looked — these were nerve-racking scenes that are very technical and really scary,” Mendes said. “It was nothing to do with him, he is beautiful, but when you are exposing yourself emotionally and physically that’s so frightening ... you have so many people around and the camera and it’s so scary.”

In real life, the actress admits she is still haunted by the memory of turning her back on true love.

“The hardest thing to do is walk away from someone you love,” Eva said. “It shows a lot of maturity — it is one of the hardest things I have had to do.”

Sore Stiller: Ben Has 'Bending' Blues in the Bedroom

Ben Stiller may be a mega movie star, but it seems he still has a few sagas when it comes to his screen sex life.

"I found a lot of the bedroom scenes got painful, stretching wise — I am not as flexible as I would like to be," Stiller told FOX while discussing his new film, "The Heartbreak Kid."

"Since the movie, I’ve been doing Pilates, which has helped open me up. But after those sex scenes, I was very sore later."

And it also is comforting to know that like the rest of us, another sore spot for Stiller was his dating days.

"A lot of my dates were bad, but I think that is what dating is," he said. "You go out with a person hoping they’ll be everything you want them to be and every time you go out you find out something you don’t like about that person."

Video: Stiller talks sex, spouses and soul mates

However, now that Ben is happily hitched to actress Christine Taylor, he "dates a lot less" and finds playing the dating game much "more fun because he knows the person really well."

But despair not, ladies — Ben doesn’t necessarily believe we only have one true love.

"I think it’s pretty limiting to say we only have one soul mate in life," he said.

Meanwhile, the Farrelly Brothers (who directed the film and are also responsible for the racy romps in "There’s Something About Mary" and "Dumb and Dumber") admitted they would like their next film to be based around some married guys whose wives give them one week off from marriage.

And it seems the slapstick siblings have a "Cinderella Man" crush.

"We think Russell Crowe is much better looking than Brad Pitt, much hotter," they said.

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