Friday, September 21, 2007

Vanessa Hudgens Thong Photos: Butt Exposed in New Racy Pictures

Vanessa Hudgens may wish the digital camera had never been invented. Some more racy pictures have emerged that are purportedly Vanessa Hudgens thong photos and if it is her the Disney High School Musical starlet has her butt exposed along with a girlfriend. Both are bent over in the photos and their faces can't be seen so this may be a hoax.

However mixed in with this three photo release are two photos that are definitely Vanessa. One shows the cute little brunette toying with the camera and wagging her finger at the lens. She has a pink tank top (or cami) on with some grey sweats that appear to ironically say "No Looking."

And check this out - a television is playing in the background with Barbara Walters and Fox news host Bill O'Reilly and it appears that they are on "The View." Unless it is a re-run that means the snaps were taken in October of 2006. That means she would have been seventeen in that photo. The next photo is of two gals in the classic thong pose and exposed.

It is impossible to tell if this is Vanessa but the girl is not wearing the same top or the same bra as in the first photo. The picture is also taken in a different room. It might not be her and one can expect denials from camp Vanessa.

A third photo is in the series that shows the pint-sized hottie giving the middle finger playfully to the camera. There is no way to tell much about that picture at all. The photos are at Wizbang Pop here. The link is to the main page so scroll down to a September 21 entry titled "Oh Vanessa... Burn the rest please!" After the jump - they will be NSFW.

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