Friday, September 21, 2007

LOS ANGELES — “Good Luck Chuck” may be a fun film of love and laughter, but co-stars Jessica Alba and Dane Cook felt the painful effects of pushy passion on-set. “During one of the scenes, Jessica and Dane Cook are making out but rather aggressively and they smashed into a wall, which was part of the scene,” director Mark Helfrich explained to FOX at the premiere of the romantic comedy on Wednesday.

“But they were supposed to disengage from the kiss before they hit the wall — they didn’t, so Jessica chipped her front tooth and Dane chipped his bottom tooth.”

However, when it comes to finding out who is to blame for the savage seduction, the stars themselves have a varied opinion.

“She pulled me into the wall,” Dane declared.

“No, no, no — my head hit the wall, your tooth hit mine,” Alba argued. “It was his fault.”

However, it was Dane who finished the fight.

“It was an aggressive scene and there was a choreography thing,” Cook said. “When we smashed faces, I immediately knew that it was her fault. They said 'cut' and we had to do it 17 more times.”

And while most men would be more than happy to get hot and heavy with the Hollywood “Honey” for free, Cook believes he should have been given a bonus bank boost.

“I should have been paid double. Showing up on set every day with Jessica Alba is like … I’m not going to do this. I have to be nice,” Cook said. “We were on the 'Mickey Mouse Club' together, not a lot of people know that, when we were seven and I just knew, I knew that we would really, really have a blast and there was an affinity for one another immediately until we really got to know each other. Now I hate her guts.”

So if Dane doesn’t want her, there are still millions of men who do. But what kind of guy is she looking for?

“They need to have a good sense of humor — that’s a big one,” Alba said. “They can’t take themselves too seriously — I’m certainly not into egomaniacs.”

And perhaps they should be skilled with the stove, as this itty-bitty babe doesn’t want to waste away.

“I need to eat, I’m starving!” Alba explained to the spy who caught her slipping away just before the screening started.

Mama Spears Gets Pranked

Australian radio comedians “Hamish & Andy” earlier this week decided they wanted to assist Britney Spears, and the boys decided the best way forward was to get in touch with estranged mother Lynne Spears in Louisiana.

The comical couple somehow swindled Lynne's cell phone number and made the live on-air call, taking on the fictional front of Dale Wheeler from Dale Wheeler's Management and Talent Agency School for Talent and Management.

Hamish offered to sign on as the Britster’s manager now that she has been booted by The Firm.

However, Lynne was not laughing.

“How did you get my number? How did you get my number?” the mad momma reprimanded before hanging up — twice.

And despite her daughter’s drug-testing dilemma and the fact that Avril Lavigne has bashed Brit’s bad behavior numerous times in the past, the two hit up Hollywood hotspot Hyde together on Tuesday night. The punk princesses then whizzed down to Winston’s.

Emmy Madness: Hayden Gets Haughty With 'Us,' Kathy Griffin After O.J. and Messing Gets Emotionally Messy

It sounds like Katherine Heigl wasn’t the only one embroiled in red-carpet controversy at last Sunday’s Emmys. Aaccording to TV Guide, Hayden "Hero" Panettiere was kicking to K-I-L-L a staffer from Us Weekly.

Apparently, the alluring actress was angry about a recent report the publication ran that suggested she was quick to start romantically romping with co-star Milo Ventimiglia after splitting from Stephen Colleti.

However, just before the Hollywood hottie was able to mince the magazine’s reporter, her publicist pulled her and preached “not on the red carpet."

But someone strutting with a slightly more spirited sway was “Suddenly Susan” alum Kathy Griffin.

“I wish I could have arrested O.J. (Simpson) myself,” Pop Tarts overheard the comedian saying to a friend on the carpet. “It would have been so much fun! I love it, he’s going down one way or another and it’s about time.”

But comedian-turned-dramatist Debra Messing dug a little too deep and got her eye makeup mildly messy while chatting to FOX.

“This is the first time I’ve been at the Emmys not with ‘Will & Grace,'” said the glamour girl. “It’s not different in the sense that I’m so nervous and frightened of all these photographers, but it is different because this is the first time I’ve been nominated for an award outside of a comedy. The women I’m nominated with are all extraordinary … (tears swell) … I will carry this honor with me for a long time.”

But Deb wasn’t the only one dabbing her not-so dry eyes. Pop Tarts spotted Jaime Pressly backstage after winning her award in teary territory.

“It’s like a childhood fantasy come true,” said the yummy mummy.

'Encino Man' Returns

Remember Pauly Shore from the films of the '90s? Well, the curly-haired actor is back from the ice-age depths of “Encino Man,” and seems to be trying to hit on the hottest of Hollywood.

Pauly has been spotted everywhere recently from Les Deux to Area to Mr. Chow’s, but the almost 40-year-old appears to have quite a thing for young and pretty party princesses.

“He won’t stop calling me,” said one stunning 21-year-old model, who met Shore recently at Area nightclub. “He sends lots of texts and bugs me about going out. Now when I see him I have to hide.”

A 19-year-old glamour girl also told Pop Tarts that she’s seen Pauly partying quite a lot of late and the way he wanders around after her is “like a stalker."

But seriously — it really does seem like Shore is bursting back onto the star-studded scene, as the ice-age movie man and perennial partier has been booked to make an "appearance" on Sunday at Pasadena party-place “Ice Age."

Not So Sexy in the City?

While the “Sex and the City” movie officially began filming this week, there's still a little chaos tripping up the Manolos.

Cynthia Nixon was a no-show at Monday night’s bash at New York City's Butter nightclub to celebrate their on-screen reunion, and according to a club insider, Kim Cattrall wasn’t exactly sociable Samantha either.

“She didn’t say much all night really,” said our source. “She had a couple of drinks but certainly wasn’t reveling in the moment the way Sarah-Jessica and Kristin were. She left early and seemed really tired.”

But hopefully, the Academy Award-winning addition of “Dreamgirls” diva Jennifer Hudson may bring some melody to the mix.

“Jennifer will be playing Carrie Bradshaw’s assistant named Louise, a new character to be introduced to the film,” said a rep from New Line Cinema. “We’re very excited to have her on board. She was great at the reading.”

But Bradshaw is still in the bag with “Big." Spies spotted the perky pair getting passionate in Central Park and canoodling in front of the cameras, and apparently the dramatic duo will even be biting into a Big Apple apartment together in the movie.

A film rep also confirmed that David Eigenberg, Evan Handler and Jason Lewis have signed back on as on-set lovers, but Blair Underwood (who played Miranda’s Knicks doctor-boyfriend in the sixth season) is still sitting by the phone.

“The series was great and I have every reason to believe the film will be even better,” Blair told Pop Tarts at TV Guide’s Emmys after-party. “I’d love to be involved, but nobody has called me yet … I’m still waiting for that call.”

The film is set to strut onto to the “Big” screen May 30, 2008.

Gulping Garner: Jennifer Pulls a 'Miss South Carolina'

Jennifer Garner stole the spotlight at Monday’s “The Kingdom” premiere in her regal red dress, but perhaps her hairspray fumes fluffed out her normally bright brain.

“I’m not sure if I will take a more active role politically in society in the future; I take things as they come,” Garner told FOX on the red carpet. “But I do think that the arts and entertainment have every right to be political as well as occasionally … what’s the word I’m looking for … the um, gosh ahhh…”

Click here to watch

The baffled beauty bowed out for a few moments, turning desperately to her publicist for some vocabulary assistance before finally continuing:

“I’m sorry I’m going on no sleep … I sound like Miss South Carolina!” Garner said, referring to Miss Teen USA contestant Caitlin Upton, who recently made headlines for her rambling response to a simple question.

“Let’s just say that there are times when I think it’s appropriate for politics and entertainment to go hand-in-hand,” she finally said.

Charlie Sheen Ready to Rumble With Denise Richards

In papers filed on Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court and obtained by "Access Hollywood," Denise Richards asks the court to terminate ex-husband Charlie Sheen’s overnight privileges with the couple’s two daughters (ages 2 and 3).

Richards claims her ex-husband still exhibits “inappropriate behavior ... and conduct,” including “his attraction to underage women and his sexual explicitness on the Internet, including revealing his private parts.”

Sheen responded in a statement on Wednesday:

"Clearly the mother of my children has no interest in responsible co-parenting when it comes to my relationship with our girls. She behaves as though she OWNS our children. She does not. “

Sheen also says he is confident that a ruling to have a Richards rep "supervise" his time with his daughters will be dissed at an upcoming hearing set for Oct. 9 (but likely to be pushed back).

According to Charlie’s lawyer Lance Spiegel, all Denise’s recent claims that Sheen has something to sinister to hide and that is why he must be watched are a load of lies.

“Virtually all of these allegations were previously raised and were denied by Mr. Sheen,” he told “The parties have been operating under an existing custody agreement for more than a year, and during that period of time there was no attempt to resurrect any of these allegations until Mr. Sheen requested the right to select his own child care provider."

When it comes to Sheen’s new fiancée, Brooke Mueller, Richards also takes exception to the way the two handled their engagement, claiming the girls first heard of the father’s plans to marry another woman in a TV interview.

In the filing, Richards claims Sheen and Mueller told her they “did it for the press... he wanted to get the cover of People and Us magazine.”

The filing also includes a declaration from Richards’ nanny Diana Alvarez, which also fires off some sordid claims against Sheen.

In her declaration, Alvarez claims she has witnessed Sheen hit the family dogs, and also claims the couple’s daughter Sam has told her Sheen has threatened to hit her.

Alvarez also alleges Sheen “yells ... and routinely curses” in front of the children, and even goes as far as to claim Sheen “completely ignores” the youngest daughter Lola.

Richards also alleges her children don’t enjoy their time with their father and don’t want to spend the night at his house.

'Simple Wife': Nicole and Joel to Marry; 'Skinny Secrets' Slammed

Post-prisoner and pending yummy mummy Nicole Richie is officially getting ready for a rock.

Fiancé and father of her baby Joel Madden has announced that he’ll make the itty-bitty babe his bride, but no date has yet been set.

Meanwhile, the new book entitled “The Nicole Richie Cookbook” is causing controversy for exposing Nic’s supposedly “skinny secrets." The publication promises to provide “Kick-Butt Weight Loss Secrets" and claims to be a "New Book About Hollywood’s Skinniest Celebrity!”

However, in place of recipes there are 60 blank pages

Ha ha. Author Robert Smith, however, is now battling backlash after "readers" have hit back at him for poking fun at deadly anorexia. Thus he has vowed to donate a percentage of proceeds to a fund for anorexia sufferers.

Marc Anthony: J-Lo Isn't Preggo

Jennifer Lopez isn't pregnant, says her husband Marc Anthony.

"Everyone calls about this every month with the hopes that they'll hit the mark — but no,” says a statement issued by Anthony's publicist.

J-Lo and Marc recently told FOX that “parenthood was their prime priority," so let’s hope we will have some little Anthonys running around Hollywood soon.

Jamie Foxx's Fertile Fantasy: Impregnating Halle Berry

Guess what, Halle Berry? Your fiancé Gabriel Aubry isn’t the father of your baby. It's actually Jamie Foxx — or so he wishes to believe.

“They put me right in front of the Kodak Theatre beside Halle Berry," Foxx said of his new star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. "But that’s because we’ve been going out for the past eight years and are having a child … well that’s how it is in my mind anyway," the Academy-Award winner told FOX on the red carpet at the premiere of his new film “The Kingdom."

It seems the “Dreamgirls” star has been one busy boy in the bedroom ... in his head.

“We’re having a child together, too,” he announced excitedly as he gestured to “The Jamie Foxx Show” actress Garcelle Beauvais' baby bump.

“No, we’re actually having twins … just don’t tell her husband. What can I say, I’m a fertile man!”

Will Smith, who came out to support Foxx, was looking sharp in his jeans and black jacket. But he takes no credit for his wardrobe.

“I just wear whatever is on the bed for me,” the “Hitch” hottie admitted.

As for wife Jada Pinkett Smith's perfect dress, she swears style comes from within.

“You’ve just got to be happy and enjoy life,” said the tiny Tinseltown star. “Be proud of who you are and what you wear, really own it.”

Olivia Newton-John's Daughter Said to Be in Deadly Duel Against Anorexia

Chloe Lattanzi, the daughter of “Grease” star Olivia Newton-John, seems to be getting nowhere in her reported battle against anorexia, and a friend says her loved ones are fearing for the young singer’s life.

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