Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Gossip Girl Ready To Take Manhattan

Gossip Girl Ready To Take Manhattan
Can't get enough of drama about rich and spoiled teens on TV? Well, watch out because The CW is set to premiere Gossip Girl on Wednesday, Sept. 19. It's got tons of scandalous hook-ups, back-stabbing friendships and, of course, hot bodies. Based on the best-selling book series, Gossip Girl chronicles the lives of privileged prep school students of the posh Upper East Side in New York City. It's quite a different perspective from say, The O.C. — which happens to come from the same producer, Josh Schwartz — which was set on the West Coast.

Star caught up with the show's "It" girl, Blake Lively, and got the scoop on her character, Serena. "She is very complex. She was a bad girl before and now she's trying to be good. She's being pulled in all different angles from her mom, her brother... She needs to find her place so I think there will be room to explore different areas because she is so complex."

Lively's character is constantly the subject of an anonymous blog that tracks her every move, but when asked if she herself kept up with the growing world of gossip blogs she revealed, "I don't really go on to the gossip sites, and I'll flip through the magazines but I never read the stories. The pictures are fun!"

Surely a girl has to love being exposed to all the high-end fashion that comes along with playing part of New York's most elite class. "I wore a $10,000 Chanel coat going to school in the show and my mom carries a $35,000 Hermes purse. It was just absurd. I never thought anybody would spend that much money on a purse, and sure enough, when we were shooting on the steps of the Met, a woman on the street was walking her dog and had the exact same purse."

Although Lively believes "there are catty girls everywhere," this California native is ready for a change! "I'm so excited to move to New York. There's so much energy and so many artists doing what they want to do. Nothing closes and everybody is so excited and pushed together on an 8 mile island. L.A. is a lot more isolated."

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