Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Buzz Multiplex

An unlikely gang of villains hits the big screen this week, including a New York nanny tormentor, a Mormon militia, Puerto Rican gangs, a Chinese assassin, and even a sleazy Showtime executive. All those bad boys—and girls—aren't pumping up the Buzz as much as a Brit nitwit misfit.

1. "Mr. Bean's Holiday." Movie-goers are still in vacation mode, given the blazing family-oriented buzz for this comic export. It holds a nearly four-fold lead in Search over the runner-up. It's due to the gawky Rowan Atkinson and the luscious Emma de Caunes, in what may be Mr. Bean's last pratfall.

2. "September Dawn." Utah history seems unlikely Hollywood fodder, but adults are looking into the drama that mixes in Mormon militias, religious terrorism, and a settler massacre. The film, starring Dean Cain, Jon Voight and Buzz-worthy Lola Davidovitch, has prompted attention to "mountain meadow massacre," which commemorates its grim sesquicentennial anniversary on Sept. 11. Still, a 1,000% boost in Buzz only puts it into the top 15,000 searches.

3. "The Nanny Diaries." Here's what we call a quandary. The double-whammy of nannying and journal-writing brings out the females, who do most of the searching on this chick-lit-comes-to-life feature. On the other hand, dudes can't get enough of Scarlett Johansson (also searched for as "hot scarlett johannson"), who earns 12 times the attention as the movie itself. That normally would be a good enough formula for a crossover date/chick flick, but searches are surprisingly anemic despite the film's best-seller roots.

4. "Illegal Tender." The classic revenge shoot-em-up goes family style, with pistol-packing mamas and sons on the rampage. The searches are tiny, but a niche audience might come out to see star Rick Gonzalez and cast members Tego Calderon, Delilah Cotto, and hot mama Wanda de Jesus. R-rated Puerto Rican underworld warfare gets the teens every time, although revenge is sweet for people all the way up in their early 40s.

5. "Resurrecting the Champ." Resuscitation might be needed more than resurrection, given the tepid interest. Josh Hartnett goes earnest again, this time as a reporter writing a profile on a former boxer, played by Samuel Jackson. Of the cast, Teri Hatcher as a sleazy cable exec gets the most buzz love.

6. "War." Action speaks louder than searches for strange bedfellows Jason Statham and Jet Li. Jason may play the hero, but people are looking up the film as "war jet li"—although not that many people. Look for this to be the male-catfight film of the week, although ladies—who make up a third of Jet's searches and nearly half of Jason's queries—might be persuaded to check it out.

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