Monday, July 23, 2007


Via Kevin at BfloBlog, it looks like Pats' QB Tom Brady has union plumbers in Boston all sorts of pissed off after having the temerity to pay market wage for house renovations instead of inflated union rates.

Pardon the pun, but because Brady has commissioned a general contractor to renovate his house, I'm pretty sure he doesn't give two craps about who the GC uses to install the toilets as long as a.) the job is done right and b.) he gets the best value for his money -- the two most important things anyone cares about when buying a service or product if they have an I.Q. higher than room temperature.

Anyway, back to the plumbers. Apparently, the "community standard wage" is $61.75 an hour plus benefits, to which Kevin responds:

$61.75 per hour? With a 40-hour week (and believe me, the unions don’t believe in 40-hour weeks, overtime is a key) that comes out to $128,440 in gross yearly salary. Some would call that “not bad.”

Not bad, indeed. Even good enough, one would imagine, for most plumbers to afford to attend Patriots games, which some jilted union members insist they will not be doing until Brady builds union. Well, that's their right, just as it's Tom Brady's right not to use union plumbers. Life's a bitch, eh?

The ringer, though, comes from Kevin, who notes, "Brady was busy inspecting Gisele Bundchen’s pipes and was unavailable for comment."

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