Friday, July 13, 2007


Search 2017: Google vs. Microsoft?

Google is gaining momentum in the search sphere, but Microsoft seems to be picking up the pace. According to a Chicago Tribune article, financial analysts expect that over the next decade, Google will take a whopping 90% of the market "through increased spending on research and development."

WebmasterWorld members are not convinced.

10 years ago Google didn't even exist (at least not as a commercial company), what did the analysts back then predict for 2007? Today Google is the largest company in the world bigger than GM, Ford, Citybank.

In fact, another WebmasterWorld thread says that Microsoft's search share is increasing. Was that predicted by financial analysts? I don't think it was.But the trend is now interesting as a lot of experts are now real worry about the kind of monopoly setting up by Google in something like the big Trust operating all over the US during the XIX century.

Still, as Danny writes on Search Engine Land, Microsoft is picking up the pace. Could we see them controlling the market in a decade, at least more so than is expected?

For some nostalgia, check out Barry's post from 2004 where he muses about Microsoft's relevancy. Microsoft has gained the market share only in the past few weeks, but I'm not hearing anything about relevancy getting worse. Search is alive and well.

Forum discussion continues at WebmasterWorld (Google) and WebmasterWorld (Microsoft).

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