Sunday, July 15, 2007


Candidates at Google: Ron Paul

Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) became the fifth presidential candidate to visit the Googleplex Friday (following Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Bill Richardson and John Edwards), and the liberty-loving congressman was greeted by an overflow crowd of Googlers.

"I want to be president not because I want to run your lives," Rep. Paul told the crowd. "I don't want to be president to run the economy. I don't want to be president to run the world. I want to be president to restore liberty. I want a government that protects your privacy and exposes government secrecy."

The San Jose Mercury News reported that "Paul did call the Internet 'rather miraculous,' as he pitched his free-market, small-government mantra to the employees, many of whom came in shorts and even one in bare feet...But he did not sanitize his talk for his Net-centric audience. He said he does not support network neutrality, the concept that telecommunications companies should be restricted from controlling broadband access to the detriment of Web companies like Google, nor does he support tech-friendly immigration reforms in Congress recently. And he doesn't believe in federal student government loans, which a huge majority of the audience, by a show of hands, had used to make it through college."

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