Sunday, June 17, 2007



This is already posted just about everywhere, but it's just too wonderful not add here.

The military recently spent more than $7 million developing... a Gay Bomb.

Let me say that again: More than $7 million. Gay Bomb. A bomb that supposedly turns people gay. I'm not sure the senior Pentagon brass has really thought this through, because, hey, at least one of the Village People is already in the Navy, and the rest have experience with battlecruisers. Other than that, it's a fine idea.

So many questions leap to mind that it's hard to know where to start here. While I understand that the military doesn't think the 'mos fight too good, have they considered the potential blowback of lesbians created by such a device? What if one of these weapons falls into the hands of terrorists, who then smuggle it into our nation's capitol and set it off in, say, the Dupont Circle area? Might this lead to the dissolution of American marriages, via the Sanchez Queer Tachyon Hypothesis? For economists, would the net foreign increase in production of fabulousness necessitate a tariff to protect local businesses?

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