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Sonora has an impressive natural wealth, its biodiversity and its five different ecosystems are the habitat of unique species with high cinegetic value. That’s the main reason why hunting in Sonora has always been an excellent experience.

The practice of this sport in the State constitutes one of main sources of tourist affluence, thanks to the excellent infrastructure in services and to the cinegetic organizations constituted.

A great biodiversity of species, 300 farms in different localities across the states and all the requirements to practice this sport makes of Sonora one of the best places where this activity can be develop.

Here you can find bura deer, considered one of the most coveted trophies at world-wide level, the same thing that the imposing wild lamb and white tail deer.

Sonora invites you to get into intimate contact with nature, offering three unique cinegetic species in the world. Definitely an obligatory site for the sport hunter if you like to get the Great Slam of North America. The quality of these precious animals has given to the State international fame that guarantees that "the Great Safari of the Desert" will be an unforgettable experience in this beautiful land.

Wild lamb is one of the four type of lambs exist in the desert of Sonora, and can only be found at mountain ranges of the northwest of the State. Due to the discontinuity of a suitable habitat, the lambs tend to live in groups or isolated herds, where the forage resources and waters are limited to narrow mountains, steep and separated by ample valleys.

Bura Deer of Sonora Nowadays the deer hunting bura constitutes one of the more appreciated trophies in the world, since their spears reach a 35" opening, being easy to find animals with over the 100 kilos of weight and a grade often superior to the 200 points of Boone and Crocket.

The difficulty that represents following this trophy deserves special attention, an expert guide in tracks will take you to find the supreme moment. Practice of this sport is carried out in farms where the hunters are lodged comfortably, enjoying attention, and great services while relaxing after an exhausting day.

White Tail Deer lives from the mountain range in the desert, to the top of the mountain range; hunting of this animal is practiced under the customized attention of guides. Thanks to a great existing population of white tail, hunter can search until getting a trophy, surpassing 90% of exit. These pieces commonly appear in records books.

Wild Boar an adult wild boar reaches a body length between 80 to 90 centimeters, with a corporal weight of 14 to 30 kilograms. It can be found distributed in most of the State of Sonora and they appear in groups that go from 14 to 50 animals between males and females.

Minor Hunt
Because of its topographic configuration, its weather, rivers, humid spots and coast, Sonora is a paradise for a great variety of migratory and native birds. Year after year, a big amount of aquatics birds arrive to this land. Only a few places in the world can offer the hunter an opportunity of catching a variety of trophies, that’s why we can assure that if you visit Sonora you will take back an unforgettable experience and would be able to be one of the few to make all the Desert Safari.

Wild Gould this specie habitats the mountain lands of encine and pine. It comes out to recognition because of its big size, with a weight between 25 and 30 pounds.

Duck hunting of this beautiful species is realized under the assistance of expert callers and region guides, the hunting area are big bodies of water that can be found around the State and inside farm lands.

Permit information
The hunting professionals of Sonora have a well organized system leading the state to an international competitively level. The companies dedicated to hunting provide all the services that easy the expedition of license on the State, from reception, accommodations and preparation of the hunting pieces and trophies. Requirements to hunt in the State are easy to get if they are made in an adequate way.

Thanks to the great experience, infrastructure and professionalism of the cinegetic organizations and raisers of wild fauna they will give you the recommendations for all kind of matters (permits, laws, regulations, gun transportation, weather, clothes, etc.) to get to the final and happy ending of trip, all of them count with official registers and are authorized for the development of this activity.

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